Resort Policies


  • Reservations must be made in advance. Space is limited, so space cannot be guaranteed without a reservation.
  • A deposit of $60 per reservation is required at the time the reservation is made. The credit card number used for this deposit will be kept on file.
  • Customers will receive a full refund of a deposit if a reservation is cancelled with more than 48 hours notice. If a reservation is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice, the deposit will be retained as a credit for future use. Deposits kept on file may be used for any service at Paws Crossing and do not expire. No show or failure to cancel holiday reservations will result in an automatic charge of the entire reserved period to the credit card on file.
  • In the event of cancellations or date changes affecting holiday reservation dates, deposits ($60) will not be refunded or credited.
  • Pets may be checked in any time during open hours The daily boarding rate is always applied on the day of arrival. The daily boarding rate will apply if the pet is not checked out by exactly 12 noon on the day of departure.
  • Pets scheduled for grooming on the day of departure will not be charged the daily boarding rate for that day. Boarded pets enrolled in group play every day will not be charged the boarding rate for the last day.
  • Reservations of 30 days or more require a 50% deposit at the time of check-in.
  • Payment in full is due on the day of departure. Paws Crossing staff is not able to make payment arrangements for any reason. Checks, credit cards, and cash are all accepted.
  • Pets picked up after closing will be subject to a late fee. Staff reserves the right to offer or decline this service. Paws Crossing cannot accommodate business before open hours.
  • Tours are available by appointment only. Unfortunately, animals are not allowed on tours as they disrupt our boarded guests.
  • For their safety, we ask that all pets be in carriers or on a leash in the facility.


  • Because we must protect the pets currently staying with us, failure to present proof of required vaccines on or before the time of check-in will result in cancellation of the reservation. If you are not sure if your pet’s vaccinations meet our requirements, please do not hesitate to call us or fax vaccination certificates to 408-364-2009. We would be happy to assist you.
  • All dogs must be vaccinated for Rabies every 3 years. DHLPP, Bordatella and Canine Influenza Vaccine (CIV) are required annually.
  • All indoor/outdoor cats must be vaccinated for FVRCP, FELV, and Rabies annually. All indoor only cats must be vaccinated for FVRCP and Rabies annually.
  • Vaccines given within 7 days prior to check-in date will not be considered.
  • If your pet has been exempt from vaccines from your veterinarian, please provide us with that information.
  • Pets must be four months or older to stay at Paws Crossing and fully vaccinated. Pets less than six months of age must show proof of puppy or kitten vaccination series.
  • Male feline guests must be neutered to stay at Paws Crossing.


  • Pets that have been exposed or have history of any contagious illness for 30 days prior to check-in cannot be boarded.
  • Paws Crossing cannot accommodate any pet that requires medical treatment beyond the dispensing of oral or topical medications (i.e. injections, drains, bandage changes, subcutaneous fluids, etc.)
  • Paws Crossing cannot accommodate any female dog or cat in heat.
  • Paws Crossing cannot accommodate diabetic pets, pets with limited mobility, pets at the late stages of a terminal illness, or recent surgical patients with sutures present.
  • Pets found to be infested by fleas at any time during their stay will be treated with a flea bath and Advantage at the owner/guardian’s expense.
  • Pets must possess a temperament that allows Paws Crossing staff to adequately care for them. Paws Crossing reserves the right to refuse to board any animal for any reason.
  • Each pet must have at least one emergency contact.


  • Any animal over 6 months must be spayed or neutered. Animals younger than 6 months may be unaltered but must be at least 4 months old and be fully vaccinated to participate in group play.
  • Dogs will be assigned to a particular playgroup primarily based on their temperament and/or size. Paws Crossing reserves the right to assign dogs to the appropriate playgroup.
  • Advance notice is required for daycare.
  • Evaluations are required for first time daycare dogs. Dogs that fail the evaluation will not be allowed to participate in daycare activities.
  • Paws Crossing reserves the right to refuse daycare services for any pet at any time.
  • If a pet must be removed from daycare for any reason the $35 per pet daycare charge is still applied for that day.
  • Daycare is offered Monday through Friday from 7am-7pm
  • Paws Crossing offers half day daycare services at a reduced cost. A half day is four hours or less regardless of drop off time. A full day is anything over 4 hours.
  • Dogs ineligible for daycare at Paws Crossing may be offered alternative private playtime and exercise programs. Please contact us for details.


  • While Paws Crossing provides bedding for all guests, owners are welcome to bring a washable bed labeled with the pet’s name as well as up to two toys that can safely be left with the pet when unsupervised.
  • Paws Crossing is not responsible for the loss or destruction of any bed or toy.
  • Any pet that has caused damage to the contents of the Creekside Cottages (i.e. televisions, bedding, construction) may be removed and housed in the Parkview Place accommodations for the remainder of the stay at the discretion of Paws Crossing. The owner/guardian will be charged accordingly.
  • Paws Crossing encourages owners to bring their pet’s own food to prevent a sudden change in diet. Unfortunately, we cannot allow raw meat diets. If requested Paws Crossing can also provide a high quality sensitive stomach dry and/or canned food at no extra charge. We love it if Individual meals are separated into baggies and labeled. If the food is in large quantities we ask that it be in a watertight plastic or rubber container. Please bring an extra two days of food just in case.
  • Rawhide will not be allowed for boarding dogs. Bullysticks, Kongs, and Nylabones are acceptable.
  • Medications must be clearly labeled with type, frequency and the pet’s name. Medications must be in original packaging or bottle, including OTC medications and supplements.

Abandonment Policy

If a pet is left for a period of 14 days after the scheduled departure date and Paws Crossing is unable to contact the owner or emergency contact, the pet will be considered abandoned. Paws Crossing will begin abandonment proceedings according to the laws of the State of California.