Make the Most of the Stay

Imagine your pet lying on a soft dog-size couch, watching videos and playing with his or her favorite toy. It’s possible at Paws Crossing. And why not make the most of the stay! Paws Crossing pampers your pet with the best in personalized attention, professional grooming and spa services, play time, pool time, massages, training and more!

Pool Playtime

For dogs over 10lbs. Does your dog need a good romp in the pool or just like to cool down with quick splash in the water? Our bone-shaped pool is perfect for burning some extra calories or just enjoying a sunny day.

Treadmill Workout

Does your dog need to work off some of that extra energy? Need a weight loss routine? Our doggie workout room provides supervised treadmill training tailored to your dog’s needs.

Spa Services

  • Canine massage by certified therapist
  • Hair color
  • Blueberry Facial Treatment: Great for white dogs! Reduces tear staining and brightens face. Soap free.

Grooming Services

Beyond the basic grooming, our expert groomers make your pets look and feel their best with the following services:

  • Dematting
  • Hand Scissoring
  • Expert Cat Bathing and Grooming, including “lion” clips

Individualized Attention

  • Private Play Sessions
  • Additional Private Walks
  • Daycare Services for Pet Guests
  • Pool Playtime